wallyworld stick

damages money flow


THis item is an enhancement to any (non) enchanted sword.
It works once a week.
May not be scheduled to do its effects correctly.
You must in a battle and then be taken to a different battle to activate.
You must not be near your party for the effect to activated.

Effect: see management

WARNING: effects may change from time to time with out notice.

Void where serrious skills and standardized practices are used.


Once created and put into play and then was abruptly disbanded for lack of use.
Upon ordering 20 thousand coppies this item became to useless that the population of
the realm created a void in wich they placed all known coppies of this item. However; though upper management joining in the collection of this item, there were a few coppies that were sold though a second marketing stores in low volume towns. THus started the horrible dupplication of this item. NOTE… anytime you want this item there is no chance of getting it. Any time you have had enough of this items you and your party must figuire out where to hide it.

Thanks you.


wallyworld stick

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